DIY Cork Board

A while back I pinned a project on Pinterest of a hanging board to display race tags from various running events. My sister has recently taken up running and has already run a few 5km races. I’m so proud of her and wanted her to have a nice way to display her accomplishments.

The race tag plaque that I was looking at was very simple, but I was looking to do something pretty and include an inspirational quote.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Lao-Tzu

Paint an inspirational quote and use as your visual vision board, display your accomplishments or just have a place to hang pictures.

Skill Level:

Intermediate art skills for painting fine details in the lettering. All handiwork is simple and the folks at the hardware store can help too.

Time involved:

Painting – 2 hours
Dry time – 8 hours
Assembling – 15 mins


– wood piece for plaque/mounting piece of cork board (cut this yourself if you are able or take to your local hardware store and they can cut to size for you)
– sandpaper
– pencil
– masking tape
– craft paint
– fine paint brush
– urethane paint for dealing and protection
– foam roller
– small paint tray
– piece of cork (I got two 12″x12″ pieces for $1 at the dollar store. I only used one)
– caulking and caulking gun
– pins

How to:

1. Take your piece of wood cut to size and sand it down including the edges.
2. Choose your quote. Using a pencil, lay out the quote on your wood. I used masking tape to make straight lines to make sure my lettering was straight. I looked at a font type online and mimicked it, but free handed my lettering. It’s not perfect, but I didn’t have a stencil to use. You can of course use a stencil or vinyl lettering to put words on the wood.
3. Once you are happy with the way your quote is laid out, use craft paint and a fine paint brush to paint quote on wood.
4. Let the paint dry, then using your foam roller, tray and polyurethane, apply two light coats over the whole piece. Allow time to dry between coats.
5. When fully dry, take cork and mount to your wood using caulking to hold it in place. For mine, I wanted the cork board to be thick so I cut the cork to the size I wanted and doubled it up using the caulk to also adhere the two pieces of cork together.

This could be modified to be a larger cork board but my intention was for this to be used to display my sister’s running accomplishments. So the inspirational quote compliments this. But of course you could personalize however you wish.

Made beautifully by Leanne


Hand painted mailbox

After showcasing the hand painted mailbox with assorted Disney characters, I was asked to paint another mailbox. I don’t have any before pictures, but it was just an unfinished wood mailbox. The door was painted maroon. Here’s what you’ll need and instructions on what I did to complete this project. I unfortunately don’t have step by step photos.

– sandpaper
– white primer paint
– various paint brushes (different sizes)
– one disposable paint brush or foam brush
– black acrylic craft paint
– purple acrylic craft paint
Versamark embossing pad
– stamps
– clear dimensional glue
– glitter
– scrapbooking rhinestone stickers
– urethane clear coat (indoor/outdoor)
– foam roller and small paint tray

1. Sand down the mailbox.

2. Paint all over with a white primer.

3. When dry, go over it again with a light sanding.

4. Paint entire mailbox with black paint. Allow to dry.

5. Take your stamp of choice and stamp image onto the mailbox with the Versamark embossing stamp pad. Once dry, the Versamark will leave a shiny stamp image on your surface.

6. Using a fine paint brush and purple craft paint trace over your shiny stamped images. It’s ok if you make mistakes but try to get clean edges. No one will notice if it’s not exactly like the stamped image because they won’t see that. But if you paint with a brush that’s too dry the edges will look unfinished.

7. Allow paint to dry then if you want to add a little sparkle, use your clear dimensional glue (I use one from Stamping’ Up) and add dots of glue to add glitter to. I also used the glue to add initials and the house number.

8. Add glitter to your glued areas. Apply a generous amount of glitter and leave it to dry. (PS Don’t worry about glitter clean up until it’s fully dry!!!)

9. Clean up glitter from your mailbox, table, work surface, floor, hands… You get the idea. We love glitter. But not the fact that it never goes away.

10. Use glue to glue in rhinestones or other embellishments wherever you like.

11. Using a clear urethane glaze and a paint brush, foam brush or foam roller. Using a foam roller will leave the least amount of drips, lines or streaks but you can’t always get into all the knocks and crannies… So you’ll need to get in there with a brush to fully coat this thing. Go over it many times with very light coats. I can’t stress this enough. It’s very easy to get drip and streaks if you use too much urethane glaze.

12. Once dry, hang and enjoy!

Made beautifully by Leanne