Christmas Card Clothesline

This craft was very easy to do and can be seen all over Pinterest right now. For the season, I made this for Christmas cards, but could easily use for any occasion by changing the paper.

Buy plain clothespins and cut your patterned paper to fit on the clothespin face. Then you can use Mod Podge or Elmer’s Craft Glue to glue the paper to the clothes pin. When it’s dry, coat the paper again with the glue to seal it.

You can choose to paper both sides, or just do one side.

Hang the clothes pins on a long piece of twine or yarn and as your cards come in the mail, hang them on the line on your wall.

I have a hanger like this hung across the wall like a clothes line for my daughter’s art work. My Christmas cards are hanging vertically down a wall in my kitchen. Change it up as you like…

Happy holidays!

Made beautifully by Leanne





Kid Friendly Canvas Painting

This craft was so simple and easy to do! A friend of mine (Cynthia) was inspired to create a craft from something she saw on Pinterest. She made this craft with her 11 month old daughter. I tried it out today with my three year old and it was very simple, easy, way affordable and fun.


– 8.5 x 11″ canvas (or whatever size you prefer)
– craft paints
– large letter stickers
– paint brushes
– I recommend a craft apron or old shirt on your kid because they have lots of messy fun with this activity

How To:

I took the white canvas and stuck a “G” sticker on it. (It is going to be a gift for my nephew Graydon.) My friend who did this simply used masking tape to spell out a name. So this is a great alternative if you don’t have large letter stickers. Or if you own a Cricut or Silhouette you could glue down a cut out letter.

Next, I selected the colours I wanted and let my daughter loose. I went with traditional kid colours with red, blue and yellow.

Once dry, I peeled up the letter sticker.

Et voila!





I outlined the “G” in black and did the outside edges in black as well. We also made one for my sister for her birthday with a “B”. We added a stamp to the overall piece too.