Button Monogram

Whoa, Nelly. It’s as if we haven’t been crafting and DIY’ing up a storm. We aren’t keeping it top secret from you folks either. We love to share!

This is something I did many months ago for my friend who was expecting her first little baby bundle of joy! I can’t remember the original source, but I did see it again on Pinterest a few days ago, so I’m sure you’ve all seen it before as well.

What you need:

-printed letter in the size and color you want
-shadow box

All you have to do is:
1. Print out your letter. I did an “S” because they weren’t finding out what their baby was, and their last name starts with an “S”, which conveniently is what my name starts with, so they could easily have named the baby after me. Alas, they did not. How rude! I can’t remember what size or font I picked, because I’m organized and amazing like that. But I think it was size 130 or something. Or not. It’s really anybody’s guess. Also print the letter on card stock. Trust me, your paper needs the same support you give your double D’s. Once you add all the buttons, it gets a little front heavy.

2. Start gluing your buttons to the paper. It’s really that easy.

3. Fill in any blank spaces using brads and other embellishments you have laying around. This is why it is helpful to print the letter in a color, that way it doesn’t look like you took a bite out of it if you can’t find a tiny little bit of something to fill the gap.

4. Once it was done I cut the card stock into a rectangle that would fit onto the backing of the shadow box frame. I also painted the cardboard backing black so that it would all look put together.

5. Glue gun the card stock with the letter and button madness to the backing of the shadow box.

I believe the one I saw online used just a frame with the glass removed. I opted for the shadow box so that it would catch any of the dropped buttons in the event that they fell off. Not that I would do a shotty job like that, but I don’t want my new baby BFF to eat buttons and metal brads for snack time one day.


Buttons!!!! Love them.

sd. 😻