Amigurumi Owl II

I needed a pin cushion and a place to put my “in use” crochet needle to keep from losing them or poking myself. With all the craft supplies lying about I could stock my own Michael’s store. But surprisingly, I don’t have a pin cushion.

Here’s a quick owl I did that’s an amigurumi (little stuffed toy) that is doubling as my pin cushion.

I’ll soon learn how to write a proper pattern. But in the meantime, here’s my pattern.

Size G/4mm crochet needle
Yarn – body and wing of your choice, white for eyes, orange or yellow for beak, black for eyes or use buttons

EYES (2)

R1 – magic ring 6 single crochets, pull loop closed. How to make a magic ring
R2 – 2 single crochet in each stitch around (12)
– 1 slip stitch, leave end long to sew to body


R1 – chain 5
R2 – single crochet across (4)
R3 – turn over and single crochet across (3)
R4 – turn over and single crochet across (2)
R5 – turn over and single crochet across (1)
Leave end long enough to attach to body


Same as beak to make a triangle shape.
R1 – chain 10
R2 – single crochet across (9)
R3-R10 – turn over and single crochet across until row 10 is only one single crochet
Leave end long enough to attach to body


Chain 10

R1 – In front loops only single crochet (10), do not turn row just continue around doing single crochets in the back loops(10), this will create the base for the top of your owl’s head.

R2-R17 – single crochet around (10)

R18 – single crochet first stitch, skip a stitch, around (5)

Attach all pieces to the body. Use black thread for center of eyes or sew buttons for eyes (as shown).




Amigurumi Snoopy!














This little guy I made a few months ago for my friend Jessica. 🙂 You see she is a VERY big Snoopy fan and when I found a free pattern on for him, I just knew I had to make Snoopy for her. Needless to say, when she received Snoopy on birthday she was shocked and very happy! Brought a tear to her eye! (Which was never my intention.) But I am happy she loves him so much! This Snoopy is much whiter compared to the one she had as a kid and has never washed! Tsk tsk Jessa! 😛

Anyway, this pattern is fairly easy to follow. The hardest part is definitely the mouth. Mine ended up being a little wonky but I figured since its underneath it doesn’t really matter. (It killed the perfectionist in me not to fix it.) I also made a minor tweak to the pattern…instead of doing a red collar I made it a red scarf. When I visualize Snoopy I see him sitting on top of his dog house with the aviator goggles on and his red scarf blowing in the wind! I just crocheted a long strip of SCs and measured around his neck as I went, when I was happy with the length I turned my row and went back across. I think I did that 3 or 4 times until I was happy with the width. Its easy to eyeball. And for the tassels I just thread small bits of wool through holes in the ends and looped them back around. (Hope that makes sense!)


This link takes you to Part 1 of her pattern. You can find parts 2 and 3 on her blog as well. It may seem like a really long pattern but it really isn’t. Just follow the pattern exactly and you will have your own awesome Snoopy. 🙂 Happy crocheting! ~H.

Crocheted Owl

I love to crochet! And one of my favourite things to make is amigurumi animals. I have made alot over the past few years. Especially since my lovely cousin Leanne started having kids and giving me a reason to make these fun creatures for my amazing nieces! This owl is by far one of the easiest animals I have ever made. It crochets up real quick and is nice and fluffy. It also helps that I LOVE owls! Don’t let the pictures deceive you, the owl is about 6-7 inches tall and about 3-4 wide. He’s a nice little plump fella! As you can see I made a few different variations of the pattern. Get creative! It doesn’t have to be all one colour, I think its more fun when its multi-coloured. I plan on making more soon, there are so many possibilities! The snap eyes I bought in the states at Jo-Ann’s. I’m sure you can find them online. Sadly I can’t find them at any stores in Canada. Lucky the border isn’t very far for me. If you can’t find the eyes just stitch some on with black wool. I’ve done that many times with other animals I have made. You can find the pattern on They have an awesome selection of free patterns! I’ve gotten quite a few great patterns on there. You will see me link to them more than once! Click on the .pdf link below or copy and paste the link into your address box. Have fun with it! 🙂 ~H.


Tiny Amigurumi Pig

I enjoy crocheting and there is a type of creature created by crocheting called “amigurumi”. It translates into little crocheted or knitted stuffed toy in Japanese. These projects work perfect for me because my kids love playing with them and they are really quick and easy to do. It’s also a great way to use up odd amounts of yarn that are left over from other projects.

I pinned a page on Pinterest with patterns for many different very tiny amigurumi animals and finally got around to doing one of them. I completed the pig and then kept going and did three of them for my aunt. Below is the site where I got the pattern from. So simple and easy to do!