Christmas Ornaments

I can’t believe it’s been 2 months since I posted! Life gets away from me sometimes. And the last few months have been crazy. Believe me, it’s been plenty full of crafting! I just haven’t had time to post. So now I have plenty of projects to post about! Get excited everyone 😉

These ornaments have to be one of the simplest but most effective projects I have done this Christmas. I love how pretty they are!

Supplies needed:
– pearls (I bought a few different kinds)
– spool(s) of ribbon in your colour choice
– round glass or plastic ornaments
– feathers (I bought ones meant for making earrings because they were prettier than the “craft” feathers. I cut off the top earring piece and ended up with about 12 feathers to use when I took it all apart.)
– scissors


To assemble: remove the top piece of the ornament and fill with the pearls. Some of them I filled to the top, others I only filled about a quarter of the way. If you are using the feathers, I put 2-3 feathers in each ornament depending on the size of the feathers. Then I added a few of the tiniest pearls that were in the tub of pearls I had bought. Put the top piece of the ornament back on and tie a bow with the ribbon of our choice.
Now you have a beautiful ornament to hang on your tree or gift to someone special!


Merry Christmas everyone and Happy Crafting!

~ Made beautifully by Heather ~

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