Christmas Ornaments

I can’t believe it’s been 2 months since I posted! Life gets away from me sometimes. And the last few months have been crazy. Believe me, it’s been plenty full of crafting! I just haven’t had time to post. So now I have plenty of projects to post about! Get excited everyone 😉

These ornaments have to be one of the simplest but most effective projects I have done this Christmas. I love how pretty they are!

Supplies needed:
– pearls (I bought a few different kinds)
– spool(s) of ribbon in your colour choice
– round glass or plastic ornaments
– feathers (I bought ones meant for making earrings because they were prettier than the “craft” feathers. I cut off the top earring piece and ended up with about 12 feathers to use when I took it all apart.)
– scissors


To assemble: remove the top piece of the ornament and fill with the pearls. Some of them I filled to the top, others I only filled about a quarter of the way. If you are using the feathers, I put 2-3 feathers in each ornament depending on the size of the feathers. Then I added a few of the tiniest pearls that were in the tub of pearls I had bought. Put the top piece of the ornament back on and tie a bow with the ribbon of our choice.
Now you have a beautiful ornament to hang on your tree or gift to someone special!


Merry Christmas everyone and Happy Crafting!

~ Made beautifully by Heather ~

“Magic” Santa Key

No chimney? No worries?

This next craft comes out of necessity for many who wonder how Santa will be able to visit their home if they don’t have a chimney. There are many verses and poems that can be found online and you can assemble with a skeleton key or an old house key. When the verse is spoken it can transform the key into a magical version that only Santa can use to get into your home on Christmas Eve.


Fun Christmas paper was glued onto cardboard coasters. Keys were tied to ribbon and hung through a hole punched in the top. Super easy and fun!



Paper clip book marks


These bookmarks were made using various sizes of paper clips and ribbons and beads.

I cut ribbons about 4-6 inches in length and tied them around the top of each paper clip and trimmed the ends to suit the length I wanted.

These little guys get clipped to the page you finish reading and the ribbons and beads hang out the top.

I liked this craft because it could be gifted to boys or girls. Anyone that reads would like this as a cute gift.

You could even get kids involved by having them help pick the ribbons and clips they want, have them string the beads and assemble these themselves.



Christmas Card Clothesline

This craft was very easy to do and can be seen all over Pinterest right now. For the season, I made this for Christmas cards, but could easily use for any occasion by changing the paper.

Buy plain clothespins and cut your patterned paper to fit on the clothespin face. Then you can use Mod Podge or Elmer’s Craft Glue to glue the paper to the clothes pin. When it’s dry, coat the paper again with the glue to seal it.

You can choose to paper both sides, or just do one side.

Hang the clothes pins on a long piece of twine or yarn and as your cards come in the mail, hang them on the line on your wall.

I have a hanger like this hung across the wall like a clothes line for my daughter’s art work. My Christmas cards are hanging vertically down a wall in my kitchen. Change it up as you like…

Happy holidays!

Made beautifully by Leanne