Kid’s Playroom Painted Shelves

I recently converted a room from a home office to a kid’s playroom. The walls went from milk chocolate to white. Yes… white. In the past, I’ve always done kid’s bedrooms and playrooms in some bright colour, but I find inevitably I grow tired of that one bright colour throughout… especially when you add all of the other crazy colours, toys, accessories, etc. So this time around, I decided that white was a nice clean-slate sort of colour to brighten up this basement space.

The shelving units however got the full colour treatment. Each unit was painted it’s own bright colour and I love the way this turned out.

Each shelving unit gets a different colour of paint

The inspiration for this room and the colouring came from the much loved kid’s story book, “Goodnight Moon”, by Margaret Wise Brown. Anyone who has read this to their child will know that sometimes kids just get addicted to a book and want to read the same one over and over every single night. And this book… well it’s a little strange. But the simple wording, repetitive phrasing and bright primary colours make it a hit with the kids. I found a large hardboard version of this book at a second hand store for $2 and 12″ x 12″ scrapbooking frames for $2 at the Dollarama. So for $10, I created wall art to be featured in this room. Right now they are located on top of the shelves, where they look great. But they might relocate to one of the white walls opposite to the shelves.

Take any kid's book, remove the pages and frame them as artwork to hang in your kid's bedroom or playroom.


This was a simple painting project with a lot of impact… I hope that you are inspired by this and create something beautiful for your little ones!

Made beautifully by Leanne 🙂

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