Crocheted Men’s Scarf

I searched the Internet far and wide to find a men’s crochet scarf pattern and turned up pretty empty handed. The consensus seems to be that crochet is not manly enough. Seeing as knitting is not my forte, I thought I was going to have to purchase a scarf and tell my boyfriend I made it myself. Which of course wouldn’t be true because 1. It’s actually finished and within a reasonable timeframe, and 2. It would be flawless.

Seeing as I’m embracing the spirit of honesty I decided I should figure it out. I tell my students that all the time, “figure it out.” I’m taking my own advice folks! I created my own pattern because I’m savvy like that. Aka, lazy because I only used two very basic stitches. Rest assured, anyone can make this scarf.

Stitches needed: chain, single crochet and slip stitch.

Yarn: “5 chunky” – 2.5 skeins

Hook: size 8

This is all very interpretative, so feel free to change the size or weight of your yarn and needle. It takes quite a bit of yarn, but it’s not difficult, just time consuming.

Chain 170. (Or until your desired length – most patterns recommended chain 300, but my boyfriend is short so I adjusted)

Row 1: single crochet in each stitch in chain across row, turn
Row 2: slip stitch in each stitch, turn

Repeat until desired width.

Mine ended up being 21 rows across.

When you’ve reached your desired length, slip stitch around all edges to create a finished look.




I realized after that’s should have done two rows of slip stitch each time to create a more prominent difference in the rows. It looks good the way it is, but it would be more pronounced with 2 rows. Again, it’s preference.

I’d take a picture of him wearing it, but he has a hissy fit every time I ask him to take a photo. Which ill admit is often, but I like to photo document everything. Just in case. You know?!

Maybe ill sneak one when he’s not looking.

Now go and crochet your husbands, fiancés and boyfriends scarves. Hopefully you only have one and not all of the above, but no judgement here! 😉

sd. 😻

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