Little Crafter

So we haven’t posted much in the past week, but I can assure all of you that many beautiful things are being made every single day.

Heather and Stephanie have both been crafting and creating, I’ve been crocheting and painting and deciding on colours to FINALLY paint my kitchen and living room. We’ll be posting about our beautiful creations very soon.

But I had a moment and had to say that I’ve had to bribe my three year old with ‘crafts’, if she goes on the potty. I’ve tried treats, sweets, stickers, EVERYTHING! But this week I’m trying “big girl activities” that only the big kids get to do. Happy to say, we’ve been accident free for 2 days now. Whoever said potty training was easy… Was a big fat liar! 😛

The only back fire to this plan is now she is expecting a new activity for every poop or pee. I’ll be busy enough planning one or two new activities… But hopefully I can squeeze in some crafting time for me!



And….. From a previous post, Abby and I made coloured noodles and rice. Yesterday’s craft included gluing them onto paper. This bought me a whole hour of silence.


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