Coloured Pasta – Prepping for Future Crafts

Leanne here… makin’ it beautiful…

So I’ve seen this around on the Internet and we had some time today, so I did this craft with my three year old. It was super easy and I was able to engage my daughter. We made coloured pasta noodles and rice today in preparation for future crafts to come. And surprisingly, doing this felt like a craft in itself, but I have to say I’m excited to see what Abigail comes up with when we use these in future crafting adventures. Plus, it was a great sensory activity with colours, feeling the noodles, discussing which ones were bigger and smaller, etc. I was surprised how engaged she got with this short project, so I would definitely do this again with other noodles (after I make a trip to the grocery store). Here’s how it’s done…

Time Involved:

Minimal. Like 10 minutes TOPS. Then an hour to let the noodles fully dry (but that’s on the high side).

Skill Level: 

Seriously… A three year old can do this. With a little direction to not drink the rubbing alcohol, taste the food colouring or eat the noodles. 😉


– Ziplock bags
– Food colouring
– Rubbing alcohol
– Various pasta noodles and/or rice
– Baking sheets
– Tin Foil

How To:

1. Pick a colour and put about 3-4 drops of food colouring into a ziplock bag.
2. Add about one tablespoon of rubbing alcohol.
3. Add one cup of noodles or rice.
4. Work the liquid mixture throughout the noodles or rice.
5. Add more noodles or rice until all liquid is used. (I found that some noodles allowed for more noodles to be added because the liquid mixture didn’t get trapped inside the noodles. i.e. elbow macaroni will hold the colour and also extra liquid inside the noodles.)
6. Empty bag of coloured noodles onto a tin foil lined baking sheet.
7. Leave noodles out to dry.

Noodles and rice drying after being coloured with food colouring and rubbing alcohol.


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