Crochet Slippers

Back at the end of July I went on short term disability from work for a procedure I had done on my toes. I was off for 3 weeks and wasn’t able to walk much so I had alot of time to sit on my butt and crochet! I had struggled to find a project that inspired me, until I came across this pattern for slippers.


The pattern is for Mary Jane’s but I modified the pattern according to what I wanted to make. The base of the slipper pattern is perfect. Then I came up with individual patterns for each slipper design I had in mind. I made 8 pairs of slippers in just over 2 weeks. When crocheting the slippers please see my note on “important things to note” at the end of this post.

As you can see I haven’t actually made a pair of Mary Jane’s yet! I was having more fun coming up with my own ideas. For some of them I used ballet flats as my inspiration. And a few were inspired by this blogger…All About Ami – Slippers2. The slippers with the bows were inspired by hers, as well as the ones with 3 buttons. Please follow her instructions on how to make the bow! Her tutorial is so good I’m not even going to try to re-create it. (I am jealous of how good All About Ami’s photos are. My iPhone photos are no comparison!) For the 3 buttons pair, I did the toes and sole in a denim colour. It looks purple in the photo but its more of a dark blue denim. Then I switched to the light purple colour for the “upper” part of the slipper. And sewed on the buttons at the end.

I followed the same idea for my green slippers….I made the rectangle piece, (just like I did for the bow) then did a trim in the light green colour. I didn’t do the trim all the way around…top, bottom and one side. Then stitched it onto the slipper, each rectangle piece opposite on the other slipper – so that it was back to back when you wear them. Hope that makes sense. Then I sewed on the white buttons. My idea with these slippers was for it to look like ballet flats…where the button is, there would be a buckle on a shoe.

The flower slippers were really simple. For the last two rows (6 & 7) on the “upper” part of the slipper I switched to the green colour. Then for the flowers I followed this pattern: crochet flower. My “running shoe” slippers are done similarly to the 3 button ones….the toes and sole are done a dark purple, then I switched to the yellow for the upper portion. I cut a long piece of white yarn to use as my “laces,” sewed them on to the slippers and tied a bow at the end. I really love these ones – so simple but so cute! And for the scalloped edge ones I crocheted until row 5 of the upper portion of the slipper and switched to the light pink for the scallop. The edge is my own pattern:
1. Join alternate colour at the heel of the slipper.
2. Slip stitch in first 2 stitches {sc, dc, sc all in next stitch, slip stitch in next 2 stitches} repeat all the way around. Super easy!

The patterns for the owl slippers and sock monkey slippers are more involved, so I am going to post those patterns separately. Both of them still follow the base pattern from the Mary Jane’s. Stay tuned for those posts!

Let me know which slippers are your favourite! I change my mind everyday. I’m curious to hear what everyone else thinks. 🙂
Happy crocheting! ~H.

Important things to note on the Mary Jane pattern and changes I made:

  • I discovered a mistake that was made when the owner wrote the pattern: when crocheting the “upper” portion of the slipper, on row one she says there is 17 stitches on the toe-cap. This is wrong. There are 16 stitches. I know its not a big deal….only one stitch. But for me it is easier when I know I am counting the stitches correctly. So this means that for the toe cap on round 3 it is 12 stitches, round 4 is 10 stitches, round 5 is 8 stitches and round 6 it is 6 stitches. Like I said, I know its not a huge deal but it works out better when you can count the stitches properly.
  • Crochet the pattern in Single Crochet (sc) – American English. In the pattern she calls for a double crochet (dc) – this is in British English. I cannot stress enough how important it is to remember to make this in SC – on my first pair I started in American DC and quickly realized something was wrong. I didn’t make that mistake again!
  • Little House by the Sea says to mark your stitches at certain points – I didn’t do this. I made sure I counted my stitches and I didn’t have any trouble. I used a bobby pin to mark the beginning and end of a row so that if I lost count I could back track and check. But thats it. I didn’t see the need for using a contrasting colour yarn to mark where she did. But everyone is different!
  • I crocheted the slippers with a worsted weight yarn and a size 4 or 5 hook. I alternated to see what size slipper I would get. My feet are a size 8 or 9 depending…I found the slippers I made with the size 5 hook are better for me. The pattern says it fits US size 6.5-9. I think this is a bit of a stretch. My feet are very slim and the size 5 hook is good for me. A 5.5 hook might be even better. The slippers I made with the size 4 hook would be good for someone with a size 6 or 7 foot. For a few of the slippers (scalloped and 3 buttons) I used a bulky yarn – 5 strand weight and found that they were a bit sturdier then the worsted weight.
  • In the pattern where she calls for a decrease I used the invisible decrease as suggested by “All About Ami”: All About Ami – Slippers1, her tutorial on invisible decrease can be found here: invisible decrease. I highly recommend using the invisible decrease, it makes for a much smoother look.
  • And lastly, for the slippers that have an edging in a different colour, I crocheted up to row 5 and then switched to an alternate colour for row 6 and 7.

4 thoughts on “Crochet Slippers

  1. I think I would have to say that the 3 Button ones in Denim and the owl’s are my favorites, but they are all super cute and look really comfy. I have the same pattern in my library of “to do” projects and was actually contemplating making them yesterday but opted for a little baby hat instead, I will have to make note of the things that you mentioned on here for when I actually do use the pattern. Thank you for sharing, beautiful work!

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