Kid Friendly Canvas Painting

This craft was so simple and easy to do! A friend of mine (Cynthia) was inspired to create a craft from something she saw on Pinterest. She made this craft with her 11 month old daughter. I tried it out today with my three year old and it was very simple, easy, way affordable and fun.


– 8.5 x 11″ canvas (or whatever size you prefer)
– craft paints
– large letter stickers
– paint brushes
– I recommend a craft apron or old shirt on your kid because they have lots of messy fun with this activity

How To:

I took the white canvas and stuck a “G” sticker on it. (It is going to be a gift for my nephew Graydon.) My friend who did this simply used masking tape to spell out a name. So this is a great alternative if you don’t have large letter stickers. Or if you own a Cricut or Silhouette you could glue down a cut out letter.

Next, I selected the colours I wanted and let my daughter loose. I went with traditional kid colours with red, blue and yellow.

Once dry, I peeled up the letter sticker.

Et voila!





I outlined the “G” in black and did the outside edges in black as well. We also made one for my sister for her birthday with a “B”. We added a stamp to the overall piece too.


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