Infinity Scarf

Who in their right mind doesn’t wanna wear a scarf ALL THE DAYS?! Even when its 30 degrees outside, sometimes I think, “OOOOH, I have the perfect scarf to match this outfit!” But then I remember that I’m a chronic sweater and sometimes that dewy glow is not all that desirable. I haven’t exactly taken a poll on that, but I can say it with a touch of certainty. Lucky for me, (AND YOU!) the wonderful season of Fall is shortly upon us and we can adorn ourselves with as many layers as we like, and ALWAYS a scarf.

This scarf idea came from one of my fave bloggers over at I promise I have some original ideas on the horizon, but I simply cannot pass up on simple and perfect scarf.

This is what you need: (and OMG it’s so easy)

  1. Scissors
  2. A t-shirt WITHOUT seams

THAT’S ALL! Isn’t that crazy-town?! OK. Here it goes.


1. Lay your t-shirt out flat. The only t-shirt I could find without side seams was this golf shirt. It’s a size medium, but I think in a bigger size would make it a bit better to double wrap around my neck. A medium might work for most people, but I have a huge head. Seriously, I measured it.


2. Cut the bottom seam off and save it for later! Cut the main body/torso of the shirt off. Save the top portion for your worst halloween costume ever. Or for a risky Britney Spears costume. Whichever is more likely in your life.


3. Cut the middle portion of the shirt (the scarf part) into 1 inch pieces, leaving a 1 inch space at the top. This picture is blurry, I’m sorry. I guess I got excited.


4. Use the seam part that you saved from earlier to tie the top part together. I found it best to shake out the scarf a bit before tying it to get the little fluff pieces off.


5. Cut off the excess of the seam, and VOILA!

I have a photo of me wearing it but I look like a straight up trainwreck, so I’ll retake it one day when I look socially acceptable.

Just a note: I cannot stress how important it is to have a t-shirt without side seams. I found a t-shirt at Walmart for $5 and was all sorts of jazzed about how fab it would be, and then WOMP WOMP, made the whole thing and realized the seams totally ruin it. I mean, it’s workable, but way better without. You could even buy the tubes of fabric at a fabric store, OR buy the fabric and sew one seam that you will use at the top underneath where you tie it up.

You can wear the scarf wrapped around just once, or double wrap it, OR put the knot at the side instead of behind your neck.

How easy is that?! I know! Now everyone go buy seamless mens t-shirts. Or steal them from your husbands/boyfriends when they aren’t looking.

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