Craft Wars: Yeah or Nay?

There are many avid crafters who tune into TLC’s Craft Wars every Tuesday night. Sometimes to see some great ideas and get new tips. Other times we just tune in to see all the “Craft Fails”. I literally go to to see if some of those monstrosities made it onto that site!

First off, let me say that I DO like Tori Spelling. I think that although she’s all glitz and glam and a member of one of Hollywood’s most famous families, she seems down to earth. Sure, her billionaire father and her own accumulated wealth makes her a million times more wealthy than most people, I get the feeling that she has scrapbooks for each of her three (and soon to be four) kids. I’m sure she hand wraps every present and actually has a leopard print glue gun. All this makes me like her. The writing for the show and her delivery of lines however, leaves me with an empty feeling. The puns and what are meant to be witty banter with contestants, seems very contrived and unnatural. I wish they’d just let Tori ad lib a bit or that she’d brush up on her acting skills to try and look more natural. Hey Tori… loosen up! (On another note though… go check out Tori’s site for all her crafty stuff.

The judges are usually spot on for their critiques, but I feel like they ALWAYS use the “sandwich approach” to lessen the blow of what should be very straight forward judgements of items, not the person creating the crafts. Here’s a nice thing I like about your craft… here’s what makes your craft crap… oh… and here’s something else lovely about it. Usually they are stretching to find the good things to sandwich the true criticism between.

I love Erica Domesek. She is the founder and creator of the blog “P.S. I made this.” It’s a very cool site, so go and check it out. Lots of great ideas from every day items and great fashion and home decor inspiration. ( I find that I want to hear more of what she has to say and that I tend to agree with her the most.

Stephen Brown is the founder of the giftware company “Glitterville” and has an awesome product line and books with great ideas. On the show though, I find his delivery to sound so scripted that until I went and looked at his company and products, I had a hard time believing him as a “crafting guru” worthy of judging this show. I like your stuff Stephen, but I wish TLC would just let you say and do your own thing because the voiceovers inserted over the video recaps sound super cheesy and totally unlike what I’m sure you sound like in “real life”. (

Jo Pearson has been with Michael’s for 25 years, so you know she’s some kind of a crafting expert and I have to say that I’ve picked up a few tips from her on the show. But if you look at some of the Michael’s crafts, to me, they feel like amateur, cheesy, home ec crafts. I wish that Michael’s would freshen their crafting team up and have some youth injected in the projects. Bring some new blood on board to freshen up your projects and ideas so they aren’t so cheeseball, kitchy, glittered crafts. If you watch one episode, you will know that Jo Pearson is the queen of glitter.

All that being said, I’d sit down at a crafting table or over a coffee with any of these fine people any day and would learn a load from what they know. Overall though, I just wish they weren’t so scripted and “nicey nice” to all the contestants. Sometimes a crappy craft is just that. So say it!!!

And in case you didn’t know… this program was brought to you by Michael’s. The arts and crafts superstore. Really?? Do we need to hear about the Michael’s crafting closet after every single commercial break? Good on you Michael’s for sponsoring a show and having great product placement all throughout. I’m sure you are paying a buttload of money to have your name mentioned 20 times an episode and have your logo sprayed all over that set like barf at a teenage kegger. But really… I’m so over it.

I have got some awesome tips from the show though that I would like to share and can’t wait to implement in a project.

1. Glue strings. Remove them with a hair dryer.
2. Glitter. Best way to make it stick is by using white glue.
3. Duct tape can be melted down with a blow torch and then spray painted to look like molten metals.
4. Make a tufted head board by upholstering a piece of wood and then screwing in screws with washers to tuft the fabric.
5. Make tiles with clay and shoe prints.

Now, I could go on with the tips, but you should watch the show yourself and pick up the tips and ideas from other crafters and laugh at all the craft fails. We’ve all had them, just thankfully not on TLC for thousands of people to see. (Thank goodness for that!)



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