Harry Potter Inspired Plaques

I found these plaques at a bath and home store near my house a few months back and was determined to use them creatively somehow. The picture on them is already a pretty one (I love botanicals), but I bought them for the potential of putting other designs on them. Be prepared to see more posts using these plaques because I’ve got a butt load of them!

But check it out, it gets better! That’s right $0.25 each! Now you can see why I bought a “few” of them.

What a deal!

Now because of the beauty of Pinterest, I already have quite a few ideas pinned and decided to start on some Harry Potter inspired crafts. I love these books so much and am fortunate enough to have many friends and family members who share my love for them as well. I have made these as a house warming gift for my brother and his girlfriend. Jamie and Vicki… if either of you is reading this. Yes… these handy dandy guys are all yours!

I resized the pictures I had to 7″ x 9″. The frame is 6″ x 8″ and there’s almost a 1/2″ extra so the paper can go right around the sides.

I simply printed these on my home computer.

I used White craft paint and painted the botanical print over so that it wouldn’t show through the paper being applied on top.

Once dry, I coated the plaque with Mod Podge and them centered the paper on the front of the plaque. Then I folded the edges over an glued them down with the Mod Podge.

When it was dry, I applied a coating of Mod Podge over the whole plaque. I didn’t want the ink to smudge or the paper to rip so I applied two light layers, letting them dry in between.

And voila! Here are the finished products.


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