5 things you should be buying at dollar stores

5 things you should be buying at dollar stores – Finance Blog | How to Budget – Ways to Save Money Blog –YourMoney.ca.

I loved this article because when crafting most of us know what we can get from the dollar store for far less than at crafting stores, Walmart, etc. I love that craft and school supplies is number one on the list.

Awesome moments in dollar store shopping:

– Getting something brand name and paying way less
– Having someone comment on something you got at the dollar store and deciding whether to take the praise, or tell them you got it at the dollar store!
– Using supplies from the dollar store to craft an amazing gift
– Finding something at the dollar store that works better than you could have imagined (My cousins and I stumbled upon a certain brand of glue tape dispensers that worked better than the $6.00 / roll variety at Michael’s. You’d think we’d died and gone to heaven. We shared our secret with anyone and everyone. Soon our grandma and our aunt were at the dollar store asking if they could place a bulk order! We completely bought them out of the stuff…)
– Getting something that’s crap from the dollar store and not being as concerned because, heck… you only paid a dollar for it!

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