Vintage Suitcase made into a Table

I saw a post on Craftgawker for this idea months ago and was so inspired by it, I just knew I had to have one of my own! So I was soon on the hunt for some old vintage hard case suitcases. I was lucky enough to find a small 19″ one at a consignment store downtown in the antique and textile district.

I also found this awesome trunk! I knew right away that I would use the small suitcase for a hall table/side table. And the trunk I plan on using as a coffee table. My grandfather had extra glass lying around that he was nice enough to cut into 3 pieces for me that I will put on the top of the trunk as a bit of protection. I haven’t decided yet if I will be adding small legs to the trunk or leave it as is. And I plan on lining the inside of both with fun material. I haven’t got to the lining yet but I will eventually!

Here it is before I painted it. I can’t lie I didn’t do much of the hard work myself. My grandfather did. He lined the bottom of the inside of the case with wood so that there was something solid and sturdy for him to drill the legs into. The legs are staircase pegs! My mom’s husband had some extra ones lying around from a job he had done. And Grandad had a scrap piece of wood he used for the base/shelf. I could tell whoever had owned the case before had painted it this cream colour. I was very disappointed they painted over the hardware! I much prefer the look of the silver/brass/metal. But I made it work.

I painted it this grey colour. My mom had leftover paint from when they did their family room. I’m so happy I chose to leave the hardware the cream. I love the look of it! I did 2 coats of paint and then did a sealing coat with polyurethane. In the end the only thing I had to buy for this DIY project was the suitcase! 🙂 I love it when you can up-cycle old stuff into something new and unique! I love this project and can’t wait to make another. Once I get the inside of the cases lined I will post pictures of that as well. ~H.

Follow this link for my inspiration on this project: diy-vintage-suitcase-table.html


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