Painted canvases

You can take a piece of fabric and transfer onto a canvas to paint matching decor and accessories for your child’s room.

In this case, a baby’s quilt was used as inspiration. I free-handed the artwork, but you could use tracing paper and a marker. Then flip the tracing paper over and use chalk or charcoal to trace the reverse image. Then put the chalk or charcoal side down on the canvas an apply pressure. Then immediately retrace on your canvas with pencil or you will lose your faint image because of smudging.

From there just paint as if you were filling in a colouring book page with full colour. No need to get fancy with shading, especially for artwork for a kid’s room.

Some people like the look of outlining everything in black. Personally, I like the look of outlining in a darker version of the colour used. If you look at most cartoon images they do this for a more subtle outlined effect. Sometimes black outline can be harsh, but it does give it a clean and graphic look. Do what you think looks better.

Another thing I like to do for canvases is to paint the outside and hang it as is. Don’t worry about getting them framed as they will look great hung on your walls as they are. You could also take your wall color to paint the outside edge, or tint the wall colour a slightly darker by adding black paint to make it pop on the wall.

Total cost for this project…

– canvases found at Dollarama for $1.25 – $2.00 each

– acrylic craft paint $0.69 – $1.00 each bottle… If you have red, blue, yellow, black and white then you can mix any colour. Found at the dollar store or any craft store.

– paint brushes – dollar store has ok brushes, or pick them up at any art or craft store.







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