Upgraded Wooden Frames

Turning plain looking things into something beautiful is always enjoyable and these plain wooden frames are an easy fix up. You can buy them at Michael’s for $1.50 and with scrapbooking paper and supplies and a printer these simple frames were turned into a great home decor project.


– Wooden frames (4 from Michael’s for $1.50 each)
– Scrapbook paper (all kinds and sorts, scraps and full pages)
– Scrapbooking embellishments (all kinds, use what you have on hand and get creative)
– Glue
– Sanding block or sand paper
– Coloured card stock
– Printer

How To:

1. Get your frames and choose a scrapbooking paper (or even fabric) that you want to use. Trace the frame and cut out the shape to cover the frame. Also trace and cut out the center. Glue down the paper onto your frame making sure that the corners adhere. Let dry.

2. Use a sanding block or sand paper to rough up the edges to give it a worn look.

3. Add embellishments. A good rule of thumb is to use odd numbers. So glue down 1/3/5/7 of whatever… buttons, stickers, etc. The eye wants to see odd numbers and groupings, it looks more aesthetically pleasing. Experiment with different things before gluing down. This will give you the chance to see what you like before you commit.

4. Chose words to put in each frame, but you could do a quote or photo or something that’s personal to you. Coloured card stock in your printer and any word processing program and you are set. Put your frame together.

5. Hang your masterpiece and soak in all the praise you will get for being so darn crafty!






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