Repainted Outdoor Table

I picked up this great table and chairs a few years ago. It’s stayed out in our yard through about five years of summer sun and winter snow, so it’s no surprise that this year I had a look at it and thought we should get a new set soon. Instead, I went to Walmart and bought some inexpensive flat black outdoor spray paint to see if I could buy another season out of this set for under $3.00.

Here are the chairs before…

Here is a picture of one of the chairs. The arms were all rusted and the paint bubbled up because of water that sits on the flat handles and permeates the paint causing much damage. I took a paint scraper and worked away at the bubbled paint and I used sandpaper to sand down the edges as best as I could.

Next I took the spray paint and applied 2 light coats.

I think I could have taken more time and sanded and repainted again. Or I could have used a palm sander or other power tool to get a more even finish but in real life they look just fine to me. The table had much more damage at the edges and I chiseled and sanded as much as I could to get the loose flakes up and to try not to have any raw edges. I am going to have a look around a Home Depot or Lowe’s to see if there’s a filler product that I could use like spackle or caulking that would fill this area in better. But for now I just did two coats of exterior spray paint over these areas. This made the table look a million times better and sealed up the raw and rusty areas.

Here are my table and chairs now. Surely $3.00 is a good deal to buy another season out of my existing furniture. I think I’ll consider doing this until they fall apart.

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